Happy Labor Day Local 252

Monday, September 7, 2015
Labor Day is upon us. Summer is ending and the new School Year is starting. All of our members will be back in full swing from our Transit, Para Transit division to the School Bus and Monitors' division to the mechanics that keep those school buses and transit buses rolling. Let's celebrate Labor Day by recognizing all of our hardworking union men and women!
Labor Day isn't just a three-day weekend brought to you by the labor movement - it's a celebration of the people who make up that movement: us! From the very beginning, Labor Day was created to honor working people, our contributions to this country, and our political rights and achievements.
The Central Labor Union in New York City held the first Labor Day parade on September 5, 1882, giving birth to a tradition that quickly spread across the nation. Unions, labor councils, cities, and eventually all 50 states adopted the holiday and continue to celebrate every year on the first Monday of September.
We're doing our part to keep the tradition alive, too. And there's no better way to do that than to enjoy the day off with our brothers and sisters and look forward to another year of building union power. Always remember: we're stronger together.
Enjoy yourselves, be safe, and a Happy Labor Day from Local 252 to you and your families.