Covid-19 Losses

Monday, April 27, 2020

TWU Local 252 has lost two more members: Ramon Gomez-Felix. He was a large bus driver and a Sunday ADA driver who enjoyed his job. He took great care transporting children to and from school and was so mindful of the needs of adults with disabilities that he transported on Sundays.

Jose Alvarez from Transdev has also passed away from Covid-19. His death has hit many of our members hard. He was a quiet, likeable guy. 

TWU Local 252 sends our thoughts to the loved ones of all those who we have lost to this crisis: Ramon Gomez-Feliz - Suffolk ADA , Jose Alvarez - Transdev, Wallace Miller - Paratransit, Paul Weekes Scott - Transdev cleaner, and school bus member Joe Pierro from Guardian.


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