Suffolk Transit, ADA, and Maintenance

Our members working in this department operate and maintain a fleet of transit line buses that provide 59% of Suffolk County’s transit passengers (2.5 million) residing in the Islip and Brookhaven Townships with safe and reliable transportation six days a week.  In addition, our ADA members transport several thousand riders daily with varying special needs.


Vice President - Transit, ADA, Maintenance and Reservations
John Olivera - (631) 560-9604

Shop Steward - ADA and Reservations
Linda Moller - (631) 764-5135
Assistant  Shop Steward - ADA and Reservations
Karen Zumpone - (516) 480-1369
Shop Steward - Transit 
Vincent Williams -(631) 463-2333
Shop Steward - Maintenance 
Mattthew Gonzalez - (631) 702-3639