A Summer In Review

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Message from Debra A. Hagan, President

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable summer! The Union has been very busy working for you these past few months.

Payroll discrepancies have been resolved. We went to and won our first arbitration in over 30 years with Suffolk Transportation and saved a member’s job.  The Executive Board attended the Long Island Federation for Labor Convention. TWU Local 252 has endorsed Lee Zeldin for reelection. He has fought for our union and been a constant supporter.

Negotiations for Guardian Bus Company are currently in progress. The discussion has been tense, they walked from the table, but things have progressed and we should soon have an offer for ratification. A committee for Suffolk Transportation School Bus Division has been formed and worked tirelessly over the summer on proposals. We are almost ready with our proposals. Veolia is also meeting regularly. Soon the negotiation committee will start meeting for Suffolk Transit, ADA, and Mechanics.

Suffolk County has cut back on transit routes but we are fighting to keep jobs and minimize hardship to members.

Picks were successful and are completed for school bus divisions in Suffolk, Guardian, Baumann and Floyd Bus Company. The transition from First Student to Floyd Bus Company has been a long process but this new company is off to a great start. We continue to work on grievances and fight for our members. First mediations at Veolia/NICE Bus have been very successful in restoring member’s jobs.

The NYC Labor Day Parade will take place on Saturday, September 10, 2016 we hope you can attend and march in solidarity with Transport Workers Union Local 252 and all unions. We hope to see you at the upcoming union meetings this month and look forward to another prosperous school year!